God Seeks Those Who are Devoted to Be Close to Him


 As I was reading Jeremiah this morning an amazing verse of scripture really touched my heart.

        Jeremiah 30:21(b)

        For who is he who will devote himself to be close to me? declares the Lord.

      God searches the earth to find the person who will devote themselves to be close to Him. God does not want us far away from Him but desires to be closer to us than our breath. God wants to be wanted by us and wants our whole heart to be devoted to living our lives in His presence. Don’t you want to be close to the magnificent God that created the heavens and earth and holds our times in His hands? God wants to be involved in every phase of our life. He wants to be our counselor, our friend, our guide, our teacher, our protector and our most treasured possession. So many think that God does care for them and they have turned their heart away from Him. But we are God’s personal concern. We are always on God’s mind and He will never forget us. It is amazing in life that we forget God before He forgets us. We turn away from His love because we do not know Him, we do not understand his fathomless love and we now realize just how much He loves us. God is devoted to us so shouldn’t we be devoted to Him and want to get close to Him, rest in His loving arms and let His presence restore us, heal us and revitalize us? There is nothing more exciting and refreshing in life to draw close to our loving God. Our fears and anxieties will melt away in His bosom. Our depression and sadness will vanish when we look in His loving eyes. His touch will mend every broken heart, every broken way and every broken thing that has weighed down and oppressed our lives. God is waiting for you to turn to Him and run to His embrace. Where else are you to turn in life? Where else can you go? Who is better than our Lord to devote ourselves to get close to? Make it the goal and aim of your life to seek Him with all your heart. Give God the place He deserves in your life. Trust Him, love Him, cherish Him, priase Him, worship Him, thank Him and devote your heart to Him. God is calling your name. God is reaching out to you. God is waiting for you to come to Him. Are you going to answer the call  and run to Him with all your heart?

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