Goodness of God Ministries

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  1. Robin says:

    I really enjoyed your explanation on the birth of Christ. thank you. It helped a lot

    • Tamah says:

      The article is interesting but not correct. Y'[shua (Jesus) was not born on Sept. 11 or even during the Feast of Trumpets. He was born during the time of Sukkot (G-d’s provision that has both physical and spiritual application. One must examine the calendar of the priestly service in the Tabernacle to understand the timing of His birth.

  2. Am blessed to visit your website by the leading of the Holy Spirit. I would love to invite you to Kenya-Africa and share this good news to my congregation.My email address is God bless you. Glad to hearing from you.

  3. Tshepo says:


  4. Tim Griffioen says:

    Thank-you for sharing your knowledge wrt the Birth of Christ. I am a family physician but have an interest in astronomy. Because of your article and other material I have been reading by Ken Johnson, I was prompted to do some checking of pregnancy dates. For a pregnant woman to have a due date of Sept. 11, her date of ovulation would be Dec. 18. According to embryology textbooks, after conception, the fertilized egg would implant itself in the lining of the uterus at the end of 1 week – Dec 25! Of course there was no conception but there was New Life on Dec 25 – God With Us! How awesome is that? I believe that the moment of implantation is the time that God imparts a spirit to the developing human embryo. I believe that Dec. 25 is when Christ left Heaven to come to earth. There is no mistake. Dec. 25 is when God intended for us to celebrate the coming of the Messiah!
    Tishrei 1 = Rosh Hashana, The Feast of Trumpets, The Jewish New Year, The New Moon, The last trump announcing the coming Messiah. It all fits perfectly – even with Dec 25 – God with us.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Tim Griffioen says:

    P.S. Tishrei 1 is also considered by the Hebrews to be the day of the creation of Adam’s soul. This also fits perfectly with 1 Corinthians 15: 45 – 47:

    The first man Adam was made a living soul: the last Adam was made a quickening spirit….The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from heaven.

    How fitting for the first and second Adam to have the same Birthday.

  6. Who are the “Jews”? We know Yahuah changed Abram to Abraham. We know Yahuah changed Iacob to Y’isra’El. We know Yahuah changed Esau to Edom. However, who invented “Jew”? It is supposed King George VI was of Judah. In 1948 he gave up David’s land to Cana’an (Vatican/code of Cana’an law). Vatican, in turn, loaned this land to the Edomites who invented a state using the double triagles of Nimrod the CAna’anite. If George was Judah, why did he give up David’s land? Also, there are some people who go to the whaling wall. They are called “Jews”. They worship the bricks of the wall. The bricks forming the wall were commissioned by Herod the Edomite.

    Who are the “Jews”? Who has written themselves out of the Book of Life, like Cassias Marcellus/Mohamed Ali, in changing their identity. Ugh!


    We are in TANZANIA.we need these the voice of God church and voice of God ministry.welecome to plant it in tanzania.

  8. John Atieno says:

    Hello Tim , Calvary greetings from Kisumu Kenya in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus.I have visited the church website and im highly pleased.I am delighted to invite you to Kisumu ,Kenya East Africa to hold, Crusade, pastors seminar and outreach to the prison inmates at a date ok to your schedule year 2019.Over ninety percent of pastors here have never been to any formal bible school and therefore this four day conference will be a bible school to them. We are a church ministry,evangelistic in purpose.We reach out with the glorious gospel of Jesus to remote areas as well as urban set ups evangelizing and discipling people.We also plant churches.The burden is also upon us to demonstrate Christ’s love by helping and supporting orphans and widows. We are based in the lively lake shore- Lake Victoria. When you come you will conduct church leaders seminar from 8.00am to 1.00pm After which pastors will go for lunch and then join you at the crusade ground at 4.00pm.The crusade will commence from as 4.00pm to 7.00pm everyday for 4 days.We believe that many souls will be added to the kingdom. We are also ready,if you are interested to take you to different schools to preach to the students in government schools.We are in network with over 500 public schools in Kenya. We also kindly request your church to partner with our orphanage so that these precious souls can get ,clothing ,education and medicare(James 1.27). Thanks so much. In Christ, PASTOR JOHN ATIENO RIVER OF LIFE MINISTRY

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