Inspirational Words of Leonard Ravenhill

A. The Savior

          God owed us nothing – He gave us everything
          pertaining to life and godliness in His Son, the
          Lord Jesus Christ.          No intelligent man has to be convinced that
          there is a God,
          though he may have to be convinced of which
          is the true God.          It was through a tree that the first Adam lost
          his purity and power.
          It was on a tree that the last Adam bought back
          that purity and power
          for all who will accept Him.          Satan lied to man about God,
          but he cannot lie to God about man.          The first Adam had a perfect environment,
          but he failed.
          The last Adam had a polluted environment,
          but He triumphed!          God, Who made the first Adam without a mother,
          and Who made the last Adam without a father,
          can easily make a saint out of a sinner.          Wise men came and worshipped Him.
          They still do.          God needs no alibis.          God needs no sponsors.          No man ever did, or ever will do God a favor –
          God does all the favors.          A teacher may communicate truth by word.
          It is taught only by example.          In a world suffocating in false love, Divine love
          is like a breath of oxygen.          Jesus did not have the “Midas Touch,”
          He had the Mercy Touch          I find it most intriguing to contemplate the fact
          that while men are considering what place to
          give Jesus Christ in history, He has already
          decided what place to give them in eternity
          Are the things we are living for
          worth Christ’s dying for?          Good Friday.
          Today- The Holy One
                    The Lowly One
                    The Lonely One
                    The Only One – Died
          To reconcile us to God- Amazing Grace!          How sad He must have been that mighty
          morning when He had shattered the powers of
          hell, when He had led captivity captive and
          given gifts unto men, to find as He emerged
          from the tomb, with a million demons behind
          Him mourning that mighty Resurrection, that
          there was no welcoming party for Him.          There can be no leadership of Christ without
          the Lordship of Christ.

    The greatest miracle that God can do today is to take
          an unholy man out of an unholy world and make him
          holy, then put him back into that unholy world and
          keep him holy in it.

          It is nothing to plant a man on the moon compared with
          getting the Son into a man.

          Faith needs no crutches.

          If “Christ liveth in me” then I shall be very careful
          where I take Him.

          It cost Jesus Christ everything to obtain eternal
          redemption for us.
          It will cost us everything to obtain and maintain that

          Faith is either dead earnest or just dead.

          God will not penalize me for Adam’s sin.
          God will not penalize Adam for my sin.
          But He will penalize each of us for our own sin.

          God cannot be explained –
          He can be experienced.

          The Holy Spirit cannot be intimidated.
          He came in tongues of Living Flame to teach, convince,

          Our claim on the Lord is from our weakness not from
          our strength,
          from our poverty not from our riches,
          from our ignorance not from our wisdom,
          from our humility not from our superiority.

          God will test the faith He is going to trust.

          If faith were more vigorous it would be more
          victorious. (I John 5:4)

          No vice, however horrendous, will keep us out of
          Heaven if repented of.
          No virtue, however admirable, will get us into Heaven
          without the blood of Christ.

          “Faith” takes the guesswork out of tomorrow. It
          confidently boasts, “My times are in Thy hands.”

          An experience with God cannot be shared, it can only
          be described.

          Sinners need cold comfort and hot preaching until they
          come to a place of repentance.

          I would rather be Balaam’s ass for God
          than the swiftest horse in Jehu’s chariot.

          God grant us perception from Heaven
          to save us from deception on earth.

          God has to work in a man
          before He can work through a man.

          To know about Christ is education.
          To know HIM is emancipation.

     Excerpts taken from “Heart Breathings”
     by Leonard Ravenhill.
     Used by permission.
     © Copyright 1995 by
     Harvey Christian Publishers, L.L.P.

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