Complete in Christ: the Fullness of Everything Christ is Resides in Us

           Verse 10 (New Living Translation): 

           So you also are complete through your own

           union with Christ, who is the head over every

           ruler and authority.

          Verse 10 (Phillips):

          Moreover, your own completeness is only

           realized in him, who is the authority over

           all authorities, and the supreme power over

           all powers.

          We are absolutely complete in Christ. The word “complete” is the Greek word pleroo, and means: to be filled to the absolute brim; to liberally supply; to cause to abound; to fill to the top so nothing is wanting; to make complete in every particular, and to carry through to the end and accomplish. It is to be filled so full that nothing is left empty. Picture a glass of water that is so completely filled that one more drop of water poured into it will cause it to overflow.  We are filled to the brim with the fullness of everything Christ is, at the moment we are born again of God’s spirit.

          A. W. Tozer, in God’s Pursuit of Man, says, “He does not distribute Himself that each may have a part, but to each one He gives all of Himself as fully as if their were no others.” All of Christ’s love, all of Christ’s heart, all of Christ’s strength, all of Christ’s compassion, all of Christ’s ability, all of Christ’s peace, all of Christ’s humility, and all of Christ’s power are a part of the poetic masterpiece of the new nature that God has created within us. He has given Himself fully and without measure to each one of us in the Body of Christ. No one has been left out. No one is lacking.

         This is almost too much for the mind to comprehend or the heart to grasp. We are full of the nature of Christ, and nothing is lacking or missing in this new nature. This is an unlimited resource of sufficiency, no matter what is happening on the world stage.  There can be wars, recessions, violence, and evil of every kind imaginable that fills the earth, but we are still complete in Christ. 

        Think about this wonderful truth! The fullness of Christ dwells in you! We are not filled with an idea or a philosophy or an influence or a sensation or an experience, but we are filled with the living, breathing Christ. Christ is at the center of our spiritual new nature. His magnificent fullness flows into every nook and cranny of lives, when we let him be Lord. Then it overflows like a mighty river out of our lives into the valleys of human need in our communities. This mighty river never runs dry as its source is the unlimited fullness that we have in Christ. Our good works flow out of the fullness we have in Christ, and no human circumstance or problem can diminish or reduce the fullness of Christ that has been created within us at the time of the new birth. This is why we always have all sufficiency in all things in Christ, and now it is our responsibility to utilize this wonderful resource to walk forth and do good, bringing honor and glory to God.

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